EPBF:n Euroopan rankinglista


EPBF on lanseerannut uuden Euroopan rankinglistan

The European Pocket Billiard Federation just implemented as per now the new European Rankings.

These rankings will take place of the Euro-Tour rankings with regards to nomination criteria for intercontinental events. So far, the players have been nominated through the Euro-Tour rankings as well as the European Championships for WPA-ranking events and World Championships. The European rankings will be the decider for that from now on, together with the European Championships.

The difference between the Euro-Tour rankings and the new European Rankings is that the European Rankings also include B-sanctioned events. All Euro-Tours are included and points get multiplied by 2.0. The B-sanctioned events will get the same points but the factor to multiply them with is 1.5. Maybe from next year and onwards, EPBF will decide to also include C-sanctioned events in the rankings.

The first event to get the nominations from the European rankings will be the upcoming Kuwait Open.

The European Rankings can be found here